Girls soccer conditions for the spring season, crucial to winning


Anna Kain-Kuzniewski

Girls soccer plays futsal in the gym after lifting weights on Monday, Jan. 23, 2023.

Barrett Scharfe, Sports Editor

Girls soccer has been conditioning since late November, well before most other schools.  Every Monday and Thursday, they hit the gym.

Led by veteran coach Christine Thornton, who has coached the team for over two decades, the girls plan to utilize the time to secure a winning season. 

“Girls are more susceptible to knee issues, so strength training is crucial,” said Thornton. “Being in shape will help them have a better chance of winning.”

Conditioning strengthens muscles and prevents injuries, according to Thornton, who has had her fair share of injuries and understands the countless benefits.

Girls conditioning consists of team lifts in the weight room, then a mix of cardio exercises including; shuttle runs, 120s, distance running and stair running, according to senior captain Emily Box.

“I hate running, but it’s my favorite thing to do at conditioning because I get to do it with my teammates, and they make it all the more fun,” said Emily. 

Directly after school, the team conditions until 4:00 p.m.  Some days, the girls play futsal in the gym when they are not doing workouts, and some play at the field house on the weekend. 

“Conditioning is important because it gets you in shape for the season, and it gives you a chance to meet other people on the team in a relaxed environment,” said junior Kimaya Ranjan.