Ditch Valentine’s for Galentine’s


Khadija Sissoko

Freshmen Brielle Jones and Olyvea Johnson admit they are besties this Valentine’s Day and participate in The Current’s ‘Love at the Lakes’ Instagram post on February 14, 2023.

Friendship is more beneficial than romantic relationships, especially at a young age, but at Valentine’s Day, which is often considered a romantic holiday, people scramble to find romantic partners or feel lonely. However, the new age of ‘Galentine’s Day’ has come to the rescue. 

During high school, friendships serve an important role in one’s socio-emotional health. Relationships can be important and long-lasting even, however, friendships typically do not go through break-ups as couples do. 

Valentine’s Day has become a not likeable holiday and less celebrated, but the new holiday “Galentine’s Day” has become popular amongst women and young girls. 

People often celebrate Galentine’s Day days before Valentine’s Day; girls celebrate with fun picnics with girlfriends, baking Galentine’s treats with the girls, going out to a nice dinner, dressing up or partaking in other ‘typical’ date ideas. 

Friendships, especially amongst teen girls, can be one of the most vital emotional aspects in high school. Through all the romantic partners, stress, drama, everything, some are lucky enough to have friends that they can lean on through it all. 

Galentine’s has a way of celebrating the way female friendships understand and validate each other’s needs. 

Naturally empathic, women resonate and relate to each other on a more emotional level. Girlfriends and gals will listen, share feelings, reason with one another, and likely leave one another with a much brighter demeanor. 

Whether it is simple text conversations, hour-long Face times, road trips, getting ready and doing makeup together, or simply coming over to console a friend with a broken heart, friendship’s deep bonds serve as an important part of emotional and mental strength.