Two-way player reshapes his vision


Megan Stone

Brad and Liz Massa celebrate Aidan Massa’s recent commitment to EMU on Feb. 1, 2023, in the auditorium.

Left-handed pitcher and first baseman, senior Aidan Massa’s vision came to life after his recent commitment to Eastern Mennonite University (EMU). 

“It has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little boy to play college baseball,” said Massa. “At times, I felt like that dream was slowly fading, but I persevered.”

According to Massa, he has put many hours into practice at the gym or by himself to reflect on and strengthen his skills because he knew people believed in him, and he had many others to prove wrong.

“He’s working on reshaping his physicality, which has made him much more of a college prospect. That’s really evident when you look at him,” said baseball coach Peter Zell. 

Massa added that his faith in the process, and in God, helped him push through the rough patches and achieve success. His biggest motivators through this process have been Coach Zell, his parents and close friends. 

“Him committing was well deserved, and I’m more than elated to have gotten to see the progress he made to become a commit,” said senior Von Williams. 

After trials and errors with multiple different sports such as basketball, soccer and football, Massa decided to prioritize his love for baseball. He will continue his academic and D3 athletic career at EMU. 

“I decided to risk it and put all my eggs in one basket and focus on one thing, and it paid off in the end,” said Massa.