Not a quitter, gymnast amazes spectators with skills


Kristi Yarnall

Mackenzie Murphy flips off the beam as she competes in the team competition at States on Feb. 18, 2023, at Lightridge High School.

“Mackenzie’s hardworking, dependable, inspiring, and most importantly, not a quitter,” said gymnastics coach Jennifer Ramey, to describe gymnast Mackenzie Murphy. 

For the past four years, this gymnast has amazed spectators with her skills on beam, vault, floors and bars. 

As a senior, Mackenzie will end her high school gymnastics career with an average score of 9.0 on each of her events.

“When I’m competing, I sort of go on autopilot, and my body takes over to just do what it knows how to do. I focus as hard as I can to hit every skill the best that I can,” said Mackenzie.

In the 2022 6A Regionals, she placed first on beam with a score of 9.375, making her a 2022 6A region champion. During the 2023 State Championship, Mackenzie qualified as an individual for vault, scoring a 9.0. 

“Coming into her senior year, she worked so much harder. She was on one event, then two, now this year, she competed all around in every single meet,” said Ramey.

All the girls looked up to her as a big sister, even the little things she would do. She always puts the team before herself, according to Ramey.

“I’ve always looked up to Mackenzie as a gymnast. Her hard work inspires me to become a better gymnast and without her positive influence I wouldn’t be the gymnast I am today,” said sophomore Maggie Sokalzuk.

Not only known for her outstanding gymnastics skills, but the energy she brings to the team is like no other, said her teammates.

“Mackenzie is the sweetest person and extremely hard working,” said senior Jessica Kosovsky. “No matter what kind of day she has, she goes into practice and meets with the best mindset. She is the glue to our team.”