Clark brings the talent

Sierra Clark high-fives her coach, Christine Thornton, during a soccer game against Great Bridge on Mar. 28, 2023

Tim Logg

Sierra Clark high-fives her coach, Christine Thornton, during a soccer game against Great Bridge on Mar. 28, 2023

There’s never a break for Sierra Clark. 

Some students, like Sierra, seem to have a knack for giving back.

“Sierra is a driving force behind much of SCA artwork. She designs shirts, banners and more. She consistently volunteers for projects and goes the extra mile. Her talent is much appreciated,” said SCA adviser Wendy Tate.

When help is needed, Sierra will drop anything she is up to and take it upon herself to finish the task given. Quick to bring the team together, she is the captain of the varsity girl’s soccer team and has set a high example for her younger teammates.

“I feel that on the soccer team, I demonstrate the dolphin way by taking the time to get to know and befriend the younger players,” said Sierra. “When I was a freshman on the team, I was shy and felt out of place among the older, more established players, and I do my best to make sure that no one feels like this now on our current team.”

The older teammates feel the same.

“Her being involved in so many things helps because I believe she knows from her own experience and she can use that to help the underclassmen try new things,” said varsity soccer player Emily Box. 

These activities have helped Sierra to make many friends and she encourages the team to follow that. Sierra believes that attitude towards a commitment plays a big role in involvement. 

“Being excited to go to meetings and events to meet new friends and get things done always makes everything more enjoyable overall and makes events easier to go to. Instead of thinking, ‘I have to go to this meeting,’ I instead think, ‘I GET to go to this meeting,’ and it makes all the difference,” said Sierra.

This year, Sierra was also on Leadership Workshop Staff.

According to Leadership Workshop advisor Joanna Bounviri, she is motivated, hard-working, joyful, enthusiastic, competitive, talented, detail-oriented and well-rounded. She is quick to dance around and have fun. From athletics to arts, her attitude and leadership through her commitments demonstrate ‘the dolphin way.’ 

“Sierra is an extremely appreciative young woman and values her peers’ thoughts and ideas. She is quick to offer a smile or joke to brighten someone’s day,” said Bounviri.