Fear of the dark has no age limit


Harley Middleton

Survey taken of 100 Ocean Lakes students.

Harley Middleton, Staff Writer

Many people have an irrational fear. Some may be scared of walking over sidewalk drains or becoming stuck in an elevator. One of the most common irrational fears is the dark, or nyctophobia. However, according to Medical Daily, it is not the dark itself, but what many think hides within it.
The lack of light and not being able to see causes anxiety and uneasy feelings to increase. Darkness blinds one of the body’s most important senses, and leaves individuals with a lack of control and vulnerability.
“I feel like something is going to just grab me, even though I know that is not going to happen,” said Junior Aly Munoz.
According to NY Mag in one UK survey in 2012, nearly 40 percent of respondents said that they were afraid to walk around their house at night with the lights off. 10 percent said that they would not even get out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
In a survey of 100 students in the school, 55 percent said they were scared of the dark. 16 percent said they were so scared that they could not be in their house with the lights off.
“I have to sleep with my string lights on or my TV,” said Aly.