Monti Washington brings hype to OLHS students


Chloe Purvis

Monti Washington speaks out to staff and students at Ocean Lakes High School, on March 10, 2023, during Founders’ Week closing all-school assembly.

This year’s Founders’ Week hosted motivational speaker, Monti Washington, who brought his story to share with the students of Ocean Lakes High School. 

“Applied knowledge is power,” said Washington, who described his career as an actor, writer and motivational speaker. 

He has spoken to several high schools, colleges and communities around the country. He spoke about his hardships and how anyone can overcome hardships like he did, even those from childhood. 

He used humor to bring light to the fact he overcame adversity.

“Our stories don’t form us; they inform us,” said Washington.

Despite his early childhood being very difficult, he’s open and optimistic about his future. He incorporates ideals such as saying, “I will” versus “I want.” 

His mindset allows for a healthier ideology and outlook, blocking out negative thoughts about pursuing certain goals. He also promotes self love as being “you” and not letting social media affect one’s daily life.

“My favorite part is being reminded that I can be in front of all of y’all,” said Washington.

Monti brought the school together when most students and staff were feeling that the school had lost school spirit due to COVID-19 conditions. Not letting his past define him, he hopes others will do the same.

He brought the Founders’ Week message, “One Pod, One Purpose,” to life.

“I especially like his belief that our experiences don’t “form” us but rather “inform” us. Every experience is merely information, either physically or emotionally,” said Principal Claire LeBlanc.