VBSCHOOLS decide to keep schedules, high school starts on regular time


Sarah Odom

Students walk slowly to first block class at 7:15 a.m. on Nov. 1.

Sarah Odom, Staff Writer

Virginia Beach high schools start class at 7:20 a.m, but there had been complaints. When students, teachers, and parents first heard that schools may start class later, they pushed back.

However, the division continued to research the options. They asked parents to consider the benefits that would come along with later start times. VBSchools argued that students would get better sleep and therefore perform better.

According to the research by National Sleep Foundation, it shows that teens need about eight to nine hours of sleep.

Another study by the American Psychological Association shows that students ages fifteen through seventeen get seven or less hours of sleep per school night. If school started at a later time, students could get more sleep to focus throughout the day.

However, one disadvantage would be that students with extracurricular activities may not get home until later. Rest and homework time would be limited, which may cause frustration and anxiety.

“Depending on sports or extracurricular activities, it can cause frustration if you are tired,” said junior Maddy Hughey.

Other issues that surfaced with later start time was the question of transportation. Rearranging the bus schedule could also be an issue.

For Virginia Beach Schools, an article from News 3 W.T.K.R. said that the school sent a letter to parents. After numerous surveys and discussion, the division made the decision to keep start times the same.

“In reviewing the medical research, input gathered through stakeholder surveys and projected operational costs associated with making a change, the Board elected to defer the conversation about school start times,” said the school letter.