LivOn Foundation fights against colon cancer


Manju Mure

David Bostic, founder of the LivOn Foundation takes a minute to meet with a student, in his anatomy and biology classroom.

“It’s not about me- it’s about someone greater than us,” said science teacher, David Bostic, who shares his journey with the LivOn Foundation, created in honor of his late wife, Olivia Naples-Bostic. 

Olivia was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic colon cancer, at just age 37.

“It is no longer just an “old people” disease,” said Bostic, who spoke in the auditorium during Founder’s Week. 

When diagnosed, Olivia was working as a physician assistant and was in the best physical shape of her life.

“She was one of the healthiest people I knew- she even got me to eat better,” said Bostic.

Bostic encouraged the audience to be aware of symptoms and recognize early stages of colon cancer.

“Knowing the symptoms is just so important,” said Bostic.