TBH makes top 10 apps on the Apple charts

TBH makes the top 10 apps on the Apple charts.

The Tbh app was first sent to a single school in Georgia and has grown nationally since.

Upon it’s arrival in August, the app made an impact on American teens. Tbh was ranked third on Apple’s app chart and has earned itself four and a half stars.

“A reason it’s blown up is because of its positive environment, there’s nothing negative on there,” said sophomore Katelynn Estelle.
Through the app, teens can share their honest opinions of others without leaving a trace. Unlike other well-known social media engines, the makers of the app have created this software to only give uplifting messages and comments to others.

“I like it because it allows me to tell people things that I feel, or just to be nice. We all need to hear something nice at least once during our day.” said sophomore Edrian Vargas.

Adults have concerns about this praised app such as users basing their confidence off of the comments they receive.

“It seems to make them earn their self-worth based on the opinions of their friends, and I don’t think that’s a good thing to encourage my daughter to do,” said TST and mother Bridget Mariano.