Blue Blocker glasses and its effect on the eye


Kaylynn Hawkins

Journalist Ryne Bracknell shows off his blue blocker glasses. Taken on March.14, 2023 in room 127.

Blue Light is the retina’s worst fear, it’s biggest bully. The retina is the most sensitive part of the eye and breaks down anytime it is targeted.

Having strong amounts of blue light from electronics can cause eye dryness, headache and can raise anxiety, depression and insomnia by 37%.

On March 8, 2023, during her project for the math and science academy, senior Elyse Race presented a way to prevent these problems caused by blue light, which is the use of blue blocker glasses, They are known as “screen glasses or computer glasses.”

“Our eyes and brains are pushed in ways previous generations never experienced. Using blue blockers glasses can eliminate some of this new source of stress and keep students and teachers working on screens for longer periods without as many negative consequences” said Andy Bedinger Biology teacher.

These glasses were originally created in 1960 to prevent UV rays, and now in modern day, have been put to use to prevent blue light.