Dolphin magic, one of a kind


Michele Newcomb

Left to right: Warhill High School Assistant Principles Shantelle Cook, Danielle Gish and Mia Pollard cherish moments together for National Assistant Principal Appreciation Week on March 4, 2022.

Twenty-three years later, Alumna Danielle Gish returns, excited to keep the Ocean Lakes traditions thriving.

Gish visited Ocean Lakes during Founders Week to teach students about the school’s history and explain the importance of cherishing moments as youth.

“There is something magical and lucky about being a student here,” said Gish. “You won’t know it now, but when you go out to eat and you see someone who looks familiar, a feeling of geekiness will arise.”

For Gish, the saying, “Dolphins are never nervous,” always stood out to her and continues to encourage her to approach a familiar face.

Gish explains how once a person becomes a Dolphin and a part of the Pod, its values will forever remain in their heart. 

Jerry Deviney, the first principal of Ocean Lakes High School, was the inspiration behind Gish’s career.

“In 2019, I accepted an assistant principal position in Williamsburg, but nothing compares to my alma mater Ocean Lakes,” said Gish.