NPR singers bring a high note to Ocean Lakes


Chloe Wallace

From left to right: Alumna Chloe Wallace, Chorus teacher William Boardman and Devon Williams reconnect during Founder’s Week in the library media center.

Two singers put on a concert, but it was a different kind of concert. NPR singers Devon Williams and Chloe Wallace return to Ocean Lakes High School for Founder’s Week 2023 for the first time since they graduated.

“We walked the halls just like you,” said Chloe Wallace.

Devon Williams and Chloe Wallace have been best friends since their youth. Now they work together at NPR where they are paid to share their voices.

The duo shares their passion for music with others as they through perform around Virginia.

During their presentation, they both talked about how it was a scary journey to get where they are now and that students need to allow themselves to get lost before they can find themselves.

“Be patient and persistent,” said Wallace.