Wrestlers prepare most for the upcoming season with morning lifts

Braden Ward, Staff Writer

Wrestlers work out every morning. While start times vary during summer break, workouts during the school year are from 6:00 to 6:45 a.m.

The morning lifts always start the same. First, the student athletes run three laps around the football field. Next, they continue to warm up by doing push ups, pull ups, air squats, and dynamic stretching. After this, athletes start the main workout, which consist of a variety of exercises.

“[The wrestlers] work harder and more often than other sports” said sophomore baseball player Jonathan Wall.

Field hockey, baseball, and swimming are among the other sports that work out in the morning. Yet, none of these teams are as persistent as the wrestling team.

Swimmers for instance, only workout during the fall and winter, field hockey only has workouts during the summer, and baseball players have an option to attend the wrestling workouts in the morning all year.

While Baseball Coach Peter Zell does encourage his players to attend, they are not as persistent with showing up as the wrestlers.

Wrestling coach Christopher Barnhart said “about 10 to 15” wrestlers attend and “5 to 10” baseball players each morning.