Glass Onion strays from Knives Out origin


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The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery movie banner.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery stems far away from the original Knives Out movie. Daniel Craig returns as Benoit Blanc, the only character to come back from the first film. The mystery movie also stars Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom Jr., Kathryn Hahn and Edward Norton. 

The overall story fails to entertain as much as the first movie’s story did. The heart of the mystery itself holds an interesting story and some well-played twists, but the perpetrator becomes so glaringly obvious from the beginning that the tale itself just becomes bland. Most of the main characters hold no redeeming qualities or interesting flaws, they embody overused stereotypes so tightly pinched together that the characters have no other features besides the ones found within that stereotype. The once young, blonde and pretty model turned entrepreneur is characteristically dumb, to the point where all her actions come off as naive and controversial. Her assistant essentially becomes her babysitter. The male content creator overly obsessed with cars and guns still lives with his mom. These worn-out stereotypes make characters dry and hard to watch. 

The cinematography made the scenes interesting. Throughout the film, the camera makes it seem like the viewer actually sat in the room with the characters and participated in their activities. The lighting and musical compositions created the mysteriousness that the story lacked, which helped make up for some of the characters’ blandness. 

Overall, the story entertained less than the first movie, but the cinematography made up for what the story lacked. IMDb rates the movie at a 7.2/10 and the film holds a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score.