After-school jobs part of students routine


Statistics gathered on Market Watch article by writer Quentin Fottrell.

Once teenagers reach young adulthood, they look for a part time job. Many spend their day at school and then head straight to work after.

“I work at the Law Office of Simon Marle and Subway,” said Keita Gain, a senior. Her school days are quite busy, especially adding work to the schedule. “I have homework for AP classes, chores to do at home, and a load of extracurricular activities.”

“I work at a Tractor Supply Company,” said Amber Gatto, a senior. “I work to help my parents, I help pay for school costs, living expenses, and other activities.”

Amber grew up in Texas, so she enjoys the southern charm and environment at work.

“Plus I get to play with baby chicks all day,” said Amber.

Kaleigh Jensen, a freshmen, works at the popular attraction, Hunt Club.

“I get money, it’s fun, and I build up volunteer hours,” said Kaleigh.