JV soccer starts off strong


Roseann Salvatore

JV soccer hustles to get the ball back from Kempsville on April 3, 2023.

Jade McAboy, Staff Writer

Boys JV soccer is currently 4-1 with their season and plans on bringing more wins. 

On April 3, Ocean Lakes went up against Kempsville and won with a 2-1 score.  Jeffery Paul scored both goals, making this his second game where he’s scored against a major competitor. 

“Jeffrey has shown the most improvement, in two major games against top teams. He is now tied with our lead goal scorer and shows no signs of stopping,” said sophomore Kaden Pratt. 

The team kept their heads in the game and didn’t panic after they concede the other team’s point. 

“We were united as a team during this game, and it showed how hard we’ve worked so far,” said Kaden.

Next JV soccer game will be held at home against their rival, Kellam, at 5:30 p.m.