From winter blues to spring hues


Andrew Wu

White dandelions or “puffballs” are a common weed that sprouts around spring time. This particular photo was taken on March 29, 2023 at Ocean Lakes High School.

After 12 long weeks of cold and colorless nature, the darkness of winter enters the radiant sunshine of spring. 

Spring is the fundamental revival season that occurs when one side of the Earth’s hemisphere starts to tilt closer to the sun, hence, the enormous significance in rebuilding nature. 

The bitterness of winter forbids plant growth due to the frozen ground. However, close proximity to the sun results in warmer ground temperatures, which allows plants to thrive during this season. 

Despite the destruction of winter, trees grow verdant leaves that paint the planet. 

Spring is not only enjoyable for the warm weather and its abundance of plants, but ultimately beneficial for humans. 

The longer days bring extended periods of sunlight, thus, producing vitamin D, which strengthens bones and the immune system. It also increases energy levels as well as enhances mood, according to LiveWell. 

“Spring brings energy, not only into the air, but into our hearts,” said senior Raleigh Moore. 

However, with spring comes rain.

Rain quenches the thirst of Nature’s dazzling flowers and helps them decorate the Earth, and according to CBS News, the warm weather tends to motivate, relax and destress individuals.

The aesthetic of nature, along with the energy it brings, inspires and awakens the senses of individuals. 

“The warm spring weather gets me in the mood to return to outdoor activities, like bike riding, paddle boarding, surfing, fishing and going to the beach,” said junior Ethan Herral.