Dolphin Dash crew prepares for 5k


Kalynn Marshall and Manju Mure

Mark your calendars. The Dolphin Dash 5k is on May 13, 2023 at 9 a.m.

The annual Dolphin Dash sneaks up in early May as spring begins to smile, and the members of the crew hustle to prepare for hundreds of runners.

“Dolphin Dash will be on May 13, 2023 from 9 to 11 a.m. It will start in the Ocean Lakes gym for warm ups, then the race begins in the student parking lot and ends in the gym,” said Latin teacher and Dolphin Dash sponsor, Shirley Hall.

The club has a long list of preparations.

“The club meets weekly to contact sponsors, paint banners and work on in-school publicity,” said president and senior Hope McCallister.

The crew has to do more than just raise publicity; it also takes money for this to happen. 

“We raise money through smaller fundraisers and casholas, handle food and organize door prize donations, and we even organize a sports team competition where the team with the largest percentage of players to attend the 5k earn a prize,” said Hope.

This year is extra special for seniors.

“I joined my freshman year, but with the pandemic, we didn’t have the in person 5k. For my junior year, it was amazing planning and spreading the word. But for senior year, it has been even more meaningful since it is my last year in high school,” said senior vice president of the Dolphin Dash club, Haven Major.

Starting with only 10 people, the club has grown to 40-50 members.

“We have a great group of students, the Dolphin Dash Student Crew, that is dedicated to making the race a success in order to raise money for the LivON Foundation,” said Hope. “This event would not be possible without help from our hardworking club members, community, and our amazing club sponsor, Ms. Hall.”