Freshman slides into varsity


Melanie Meneses

Connor Mais, standing at second base waiting for the action to begin on March 16, 2023.

Jade McAboy, Staff Writer

Starting on any varsity sport as a freshman is a big deal, especially for a freshman playing on a team with nine championships.

“I’ve known Connor for almost 10 years now,” said baseball coach Peter Zell. “Connor is as good as they come; he’s the ultimate teammate and works very hard for being the age he is.”

Typically, underclassmen varsity players do not get much playing time; however, this isn’t the case for Connor Mais, a second base starter.

Between his daily trips to the gym and 24 hours of practice a week, Connor’s efforts do not go unnoticed. 

“Connor is young and had a lot of time to develop, and as he gets older, he can become one of the best players in the area,” said junior shortstop Jack Marchesi. 

He has attended the Ocean Lakes baseball camp every year since age six.

“I knew the baseball program here was amazing,” said Connor. “Coach Zell has an amazing reputation, and he’s done more than live up to that my freshman season.”

Although Connor is not zoned for Ocean Lakes, he attends through the math and science academy. 

“There are a few reasons I chose this school: one being my favor for math and science, the other being the baseball program,” said Connor.

Coaches and teammates often inspire him to play harder, yet his dad is his biggest inspiration.

“My father is always there for me, no matter what,” said Connor. “He would pitch me balls in the backyard for hours on end. Since then, I have moved on to plays being thrown in the diamond.”