College Board is a scam


Sydney Teeter

94 students responded to a poll asking whether or not they believed College Board is a scam and AP Environmental Science teacher Santo Ripa teaching the AP Classroom curriculum to his class April 26, 2023.

College Board, the only feasible route to receive college credit as a highschool student aside from dual enrollment. Students and teachers have found common ground in their disliking for College Board.

“College Board sucks,” said senior Rachael Monser.

If a student is not registered for an AP exam by Nov. 15 each year, they are required to pay a $40 late fee if they wish to take the test. This is ridiculous considering classes only begin a few months prior. Despite being a non-profit organization, they certainly solicit a lot of money out of students and their families.

“I have personally never paid a late fee, but I don’t think they should exist. The deadline is way too early in the year for people to realize that they actually like the course or want to take an exam for it,” said senior Cassandra Iverson. “Courses change difficulty throughout the year so people shouldn’t get charged extra for something they don’t even know the full difficulty of.”

Furthermore, AP exams are not always an equally difficult path to receiving credit. Some collegiate level courses are easier than the AP courses administered by College Board and require less work despite being catered to a younger demographic.

“I think that the College Board exams are more difficult than college classes themselves. I have had plenty of friends from college taking the equivalences to a passing score on the exam and their work is so much easier than AP classes,” said Cassandra. “Therefore, I don’t think they properly assess a person’s intellect on the subject.”

Many also argue that exam content and questions aren’t an accurate representation of their true knowledge in the given course.

“It’s not user friendly,” said Rachael. “It’s all about reading comprehension and not the actual subject.”

Office services, as simple as a phone call, are never simple when it comes to College Board.

“The monopoly of education,” said senior Leandro Cortado.