Boys tennis, set off the season


Philip Dewitz

Vincent Yi, Philip Dewitz and Gabe Holmes embrace after winning a match at Kempsville High School on April 3, 2023.

Nina Luangrath, Sports Editor

After a tough loss in the regional semi-finals last season, the boy’s tennis team returns to the court this spring in hopes go even further.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing how far we will go this season seeing as we have a mostly new starting lineup,” said senior captain Philip Dewitz.

Along with new players, the team also welcomes a new head coach, Jim Ferrera.

The team practices every day after school, minus match days, running various drills and practice matches to improve their game.

“A lot of coaches and teams only work on hitting the ball hard,” said junior captain Vincent Yi. “But we’ve been working a lot on more nuanced skills like volleys and lobs.”

This contributes to how this team varies from every other team at the beach, making them a powerful competitor for this season.

Vincent, who has played for roughly seven years, trains regularly, so he looks forward to playing more competitively again.

Key players to watch for this season include junior Nimish Nookala and freshman Josh Ng, who has proved to be powerful and reliable assets, so says members of the team.

“Although we’ve lost many of our best players, I still believe that we’ll do well and hope to see us back in the regional semi-final, aiming to be states-bound,” said Vincent.

The last home match for boys tennis was April 26, 2023, where they took on Princess Anne.

“I would say I am pretty excited to see how far the team goes,” said freshman Karthik Mure, a tennis fan.