Keeping it real with Tatiana Hill

Tatiana Hill recreates her boutique’s grand opening picture from 2019 on April 14, 2023.

“Like an eagle, hard to find, but always one-of-a-kind,” is the Teal Eagle Boutique motto that business owner Tatiana Hill lives by.

Hill prides herself in her ability to sell unique clothing that customers can’t find elsewhere, similar to the rarity of spotting a bald eagle. 

After working for a clothing company for two years, Hill decided that it was time to create her own nest. As a single mother, she wanted something that provided flexibility. 

“I wanted something that allowed me the opportunity to be there for my children, but also contribute to my family,” said Hill.

The boutique began in 2017 as an online store sourced from her dining room. However, by the end of 2019, it expanded into a brick and mortar.

I believe in community and when you are online, you can miss out on that feeling of working with someone one-on-one,” said Hill.

Throughout her years at Ocean Lakes High School, self expression always held a special place in Hill’s heart, which foreshadowed the branding of her boutique a decade later. 

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do in high school, and that’s completely normal,” said Hill. 

Since then, Hill has found her passion for entrepreneurship and helping others express themselves through unique clothing.

“I was born in upstate New York, although most of my inspiration comes from Nashville and music fashion. 

Hill sells clothing, jewelry and accessories for mothers, women and teachers who want to feel cute, comfy and practical at the same time.

“Looking back, I realized I was always destined to do my own thing. It’s just in my DNA,” said Hill.