New AVID student makes an impact

Junior Shaliyah Barnes poses with an AVID pendant.

Ryan Lala

Junior Shaliyah Barnes poses with an AVID pendant.

Considered AVID’s rookie of the year, junior Shaliyah Barnes is known by her fellow classmates as a fast learner and a great contributor to their goals and cause. 

A first-time AVID student who is stepping out of her comfort zone to volunteer for a greater cause, her willingness to help others is what makes her stand out among other students. 

“Shaliyah always brings great positive energy to my junior class, and her amazing personality makes her somewhat of a natural leader among the class,” said AVID coordinator Elizabeth Schur-Badach.

Shaliyah volunteered along with a few other AVID students to present at Corporate Landing Middle School, in order to show eighth graders the benefits and experiences of the class and convince them to sign up for the class during their freshman year. Shaliyah was the only junior at the presentation who presented the class to the middle school students, signifying her eagerness to volunteer for her first year in AVID.

“I wanted to challenge myself because I knew that in the future I need the skills and discipline to prepare myself for my career,” said Shaliyah.

According to her peers, Shaliyah is an excellent example of how one can take the subjects learned in a class, and apply them to her other classes. Shaliyah furthers herself in both AVID and her education in general by challenging herself by enrolling in AP classes.

“This class helped me to understand the notes I took, and in turn, those notes helped me understand the topics in my other classes. This class has helped me so much, so it’s only fair that I be fully invested in it,” said Shaliyah.