Bravo, on both stage and field


Tim Logg

Kenzie Stinson saves a shot at Norfolk Academy on April 4, 2023, but she “saved the day” on May 4-7, 2023, as Betty Rizzo in Grease.

Since the age of six, senior Kenzie Stinson shines from the stage to the field. 

Kenzie is not only the goalie on the girls varsity soccer team, but also a lead actress in the Ocean Lakes Theater Company. 

Kenzie practices, blocks and runs for both soccer and theater, but when she runs in theater, she runs lines for her role as Betty Rizzo in the spring production of Grease. 

“With theater, I can kind of practice it wherever I am,” said Kenzie. “I can run lines, and go over my blocking wherever I am.”

She may be funny like her alias Rizzo on stage, but on the soccer field, she is very serious about getting the job done. Last season, Kenzie struck out and dove to save enough penalty kicks to send the team to States. With a 50/50 chance to save the shot, she was awarded Second Team All-Region 2022 for her discernment. 

Kenzie was awarded the Player of the Game by Pungo Shorebreak Pizza and Taphouse on April 25, 2023, at the Dolphins game against Cox High School, earning a t-shirt for her hard work.

It takes a good eye to capture what makes Kenzie break a leg. 

“I try my best to make it an equal balance because I don’t ever want to be that person that’s putting one off to the side,” said Kenzie.

Kenzie heads straight to soccer practice after the bell rings at 2 p.m. and then leaves early at 3 p.m. to transform into Rizzo. She worked hard at theater this spring to prepare as Betty Rizzo in the spring musical.

“She is not afraid to make very bold choices. The bold choice to do even do theater and the same time as soccer. Both of them take dedication, especially theater where you have to transform into something you are not,” said freshman Ari Champion. “One day I saw her when I was coming from a teacher’s classroom. She was running full speed to the auditorium to transform into Rizzo. I was really impressed.”