Physics club, a force of attraction


Ralitsa Hovanessian

Physics club meets on Jan. 27, 2023 in room 227.

Aboubakr Sissoko, Video/podcast editor

Regarded as one of the most challenging subjects for high school students to understand, Physics Club has started for those who flourish and find joy in physics. 

“The club was started this October of 2022, but has already captured the interest of 59 members, 15 of whom competed in this year’s F=ma competition,” said junior Ralitsa Hovanessian. 

Ralitsa is the president and founder of the Physics Club alongside Physics teacher William Isel. 

“Physics Olympiad club is a club that focuses on encouraging and enhancing the pursuit of interests related to physics through educational lessons and participation in competitions such as the F=ma competition, and Physics Olympiad which is the secondary level of competition,” said Ralitsa. The International Physics Olympiad is a national competition similar to the Math Olympiad. Scoring high in this competition can look very good in college applications.

For those who don’t feel like competing in physics competitions, the physics club also holds fun days of physics investigations. 

“I like it because it gives me an opportunity to increase my skills in a difficult subject,” said junior Elizabeth Tucker. 

Physics Club meets every other Thursday in room 227

“All are welcome and all would benefit,” said physics teacher William Isel.