Students and faculty discuss which grading quarter is hardest

Third quarter officially ends Friday, Apr. 13 due to make up snow days


Each quarter has different challenges to overcome, but deciding which is harder is up for debate. The most prevailing opinion is that either third or fourth quarter is the hardest.

According to math teacher Jocefe Adraino, the fourth quarter is the hardest because students just stop trying, “because they already did their averaging, and they’re good with that.”

The school could help by having teachers “be more encouraging of students,” said Adriano, “so they can reach their maximum capacity.”

“They have to self motivate. Especially if they want to get into a good college, they have to keep their GPA up,” said Adraino.

Sophomore David Conic said the third quarter is the hardest because teachers pile on work because of the upcoming SOLs.

According to David, fourth quarter is not as difficult because the teachers stop pushing so hard because it’s the end of the year.

Junior Peyton Hewlett agreed with the third quarter blues. According to Peyton, third quarter is the hardest because students have to get ready for “all the AP test while learning new information.”

One way students can help each other get through the third quarter stretch is to organize “study groups and study sessions,” said Peyton.