Goalkeeper pursues his dreams


Mason Howlin

David Suiter poses after attending practice at Ocean Lakes High School on April 18, 2023.

Riley Gomez, Staff Writer

As he faces his opponents at the start of each game, sophomore David Suiter looks up to see numerous eyes counting on him as the goalkeeper. 

At the young age of 9, David became interested in joining a sport, and that’s when his older sister nudged him in the right direction. This became one of the first stepping stones toward his increasing love for soccer. 

The simplicity of the sport is what really drew him in compared to other sports such as football and basketball, which he believed to be more physically and verbally aggressive within the team environment.

At the time, he started with the Virginia Rush Soccer Club located in Virginia Beach but soon transferred to Beach FC, which he currently plays for. 

After playing throughout the years, he decided to widen his horizon and try out for the high school team during his freshman year. 

With humility and honesty, David strives to change his future outcome by putting multiple hours towards perfecting his craft. He practices six days a week for two hours, even up to seven depending on the time of year. 

“The feeling of winning and being the hero is always nice and is what I strive for,” said David. 

With his growing ambition, he hopes to commit to a D1 college in the future after he graduates high school.

“I believe it depends on how badly the athlete wants to get better and if they want to have a future career in the sport,” said David.” They will change their mindset to focus on improving in their sport and becoming the best they can be if they want it.”