Online summer classes open up opportunities


Infographic created by Kylie Sutton

Infographic provides tips for students to help them navigate in the right direction for online summer classes.

Kylie Sutton, Staff Writer

VBCPS offers students online summer classes, as the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end.

“Students can only take a class online through Virginia Beach Digital campus for advancement,” said school counselor Susan Sigler. 

Registration and payments began on May 1 and end on June 15, 2023.

VBCPS offers a variety of summer course options that fall under the categories of English, science, physical education, math and history.

“I decided to take online environmental science over the summer to open up space for a study block in my schedule for next year,” said sophomore Lucy Goodloe. “This will help me manage my time better for AP classes I have signed up for.” 

Students receive work Monday through Thursday in which they complete at their own pace. 

Similar to a regular school year, each course has two semesters. Semester one is June 28 – July 17, and semester two is July 18-Aug. 2.

“Students are told at the start of the course what to expect and if they spend time on the computer every single day completing assignments, they will be successful in any class they choose to take,” said PE teacher Jennifer Ramey. 

According to Ramey, Grade 9 HPE meets for fitness and CPR testing, while their final exam is online. For grade 10 HPE, students meet face-to-face to complete fitness testing and the Driver’s Education final exam. Whereas, their health final exam is taken online at the end of the course. 

“The work load is heavy because students are getting a year of instruction condensed into months,” said Sigler. “Students should prepare for the amount of time they are able to put in for these courses provided.”