Goalie guards for Ferrum


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Senior Michael Arzillo saves Ocean Lakes Dolphins against Princess Anne Cavaliers at Cox High School, on May 5, 2023.

“Michael is the epitome of leadership by example. He is a person that players on the team look up to for inspiration, guidance and motivation,” said assistant varsity coach John Gutierez. 

After 12 years of playing soccer, senior Michael Arzillo recently committed to Ferrum College, a d3 school, where he will further his athletic and academic career, majoring in business and minoring in cyber security. Although his success didn’t come with ease. 

According to Arzillo, his countless hours spent training in and out of school have allowed him to leave the lower levels of soccer behind as he advances to the top teams. He plays games and practices between two and three hours on a daily basis while lifting and running four times a week. 

“He has pursued opportunities to constantly evolve and improve,” said Gutierrez. 

Under the Virginia Rush Soccer program, Arzillo traveled to Europe for a month where he trained and played in Athens, Greece as well as Denmark. 

“This trip was very hard due to the time change and how strict everything was,” said Arzillo. “Sometimes it was depressing, but during the times that it was great, it truly made me a stronger person and more independent.”

One of the main reasons why the goalie is the hardest position in soccer is because they are responsible for the safety of the entire team. They are the last line of defense and must be ready to make a save at any moment, according to BootSoccer.com. 

Arzillo has been team captain of the boy’s soccer team for one year and has made large efforts for the stability of the team. 

“Not only does he know what is best for the team, but he takes action as captain to make sure everything is done correctly, even if it requires him to do it himself,” said junior Ryan Studley.