Girls lacrosse streak comes to an end


Amy Adams

Baysides Larissa Aube and Ocean Lakes Molly-Ryan Gates face off at the Sportsplex on May 12, 2023, just as the game begins.

Girls lacrosse traveled to Northern Virginia to compete in the VHSL state quarterfinals with hopes to win. Sadly, that was not the case. 

Ocean Lakes faced off against Battlefield High School, despite the temperature being up to 93 degrees, both teams pushed as hard as they could and ended the game with a score of 22-3. 

“I don’t think we learned necessarily just from the loss but the fact that we got to get to that point showed us how strong of a team we are and will be,” said sophomore Riley Wright. 

During the first half of the game, Ocean Lakes was the first to score with Summerlin Gates scoring within the first few minutes, Battlefield quickly turned around and scored back to back on them. 

“We were definitely getting a little frustrated because we weren’t getting the results we wanted, but we were still working hard, trying our best, and wanting to turn things around,” said Summerlin. 

The second half wasn’t much different from the first. Battlefield was up by 10 and the girls were playing a mental game to not give up, and they didn’t. They gave their all up until the clock hit zero. 

“This year has definitely set a high standard for the team, and motivates us to build on from this in the upcoming year,” said freshman Brynn Kimener.