From Dust to ‘Dome’


Madi Mellon

The Dome construction site breaks ground in between 18th and 21st Street on May 24, 2023.

A multi-million dollar project officially breaks ground right in Virginia Beach.
What has been empty parking lots in between 18th and 20th Street for 25 years, will soon become a mixed-use and diverse development.
“This project is much cooler than empty parking lots that it has been for the past decades, and I’m excited to see what the finished product will look like,” said senior Camden Shaver.
Before becoming empty parking lots, the area held ‘The Dome.’
The Dome was a concert venue and entertainment center that hosted many big-name artists.
The new project idea is from the local and founder of “Something in the Water,” Pharrell Williams, and it is estimated to cost $325 million to construct. He partnered with Venture Realty to make this dream come true for the community.
“I feel like this project will be a great, fresh place added to our city, as well as bring in a new community of people for the skate and surf parks,” said senior and Harvest worker, Michelle Yoon.
This new development is expected to contain restaurants, retail shops, apartment complexes, a skate park and office spaces.
“It’ll also include a state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor entertainment venue and surf park,” according to WTKR Hampton Roads News.
Surf parks such as the Kelly Slater Surf Pool and Waco Surf Park bring many big name surfers and tourists to their areas, which Virginia Beach hopes to do as well.
Many locals are worried about the traffic this build will bring to the already crowded ocean front, however it won’t be known until the project is finished and running.
“I think the dome project definitely has some advantages along with disadvantages. I work at a restaurant down the street from the project and all my co workers talk about it and how good it will be for tourists and future customers before it’s even fully built. While that’s nice for local businesses it also has many disadvantages of traffic and overcrowding Virginia Beach,” said Big Sam’semployee and senior Lexi Zettervall.