Dolphins de-stress in the library


Amya Stroman

From left to right Amya Stroman, Kamea Averilla, Diarra Sene, Layla Simpson and Allena Gillard record a podcast together in the library on May 30, 2023.

The library isn’t just a place for reading anymore.

As a matter of fact, it offers a wide variety of activities including puzzles, coloring stations, lego building, a podcast room and occasionally virtual reality headsets.

“I don’t ever really spend a ton of time down here, but whenever I’m here, I always try to add at least ten pieces to the puzzle,” said senior Ava Badach.

The array of makerspace options allows students to de-stress anytime during school hours.

“Life and school can get really stressful, so it’s nice to have these resources for everyone here,” said Badach.

Students are able to come to the library during their personal free time or with their classes.

“I’ve been in here a couple times with my english class and I’ll see kids working on the lego sets, and it really looks fun,” said junior Elizabeth Tucker.

Students also have the opportunity to record their own podcasts in the library.

“I started doing podcasts really to just get out of the cafeteria during lunch and to just have fun with my friends. Sometimes school and having that many people around you can be stressful,” said freshman Amya Stroman.