Tutor helps students become successful in math


Ari O'Brien

Math tutor Greg Goldston stands in front of the his classroom’s blackboard on May 24, 2023.

“It’s changed my life being able to help people in a way that not only challenges me mentally but also excites me,” said Gregory Goldston. 

Math tutor Gregory Goldston has made an impact by helping many students with geometry. 

Goldston graduated from James Madison University in the summer of 2021, with a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. 

“I’m drawn to mathematics because of how many seemingly-random concepts tie-in together and the mysteries that still underlie it,” said Goldston. These mysteries within something so rigid and orderly a field is probably why mathematics takes its place as my favorite field of study.”

In the spring of 2018, Goldson had felt lost in life.

“I’d just left pursuing a degree in Aerospace after being burnt-out and not enjoying the work I was doing, I spent perhaps too much time self-reflecting,” said Goldston. “I knew I enjoyed helping people understand things and I knew I could solve problems reasonably well. Recognizing that tutoring let me use both of those gifts, I kept-it-up.”

An old acquaintance had blessed him with a job at Mathnasium as a math tutor and ever since then he has never stopped feeling joy helping people in a way he feels competent at, according to Goldston. 

“Mr. Greg always goes above and beyond and never fails to help me understand what we are learning,” said freshman Maggie Keller. 

Goldston walks the halls to find his students to help them with whatever they need.  

“The “A-ha!” moments are my favorite part, and it’s not even close. When a concept “clicks” in a student’s head and what was initially trying to memorize steps transitions into understanding, it almost always puts a smile on my face; it’s a wonderful sight to witness,” said Goldston.

He is a huge help to his students. 

“Greg is diligent about coming to his students who need help and while he is in here, he’ll come in and help anyone who needs it,” siad study block teacher Erika Connolly. “You can see that he enjoys helping kids understand math.”