AP Biology class surprises coffee shop employee


Harley Middleton

Angelo Shaw poses with his brand new Cars 3 DVD from Schratwieser’s 1B AP Biology class.

With the help of coffee shop student volunteers, Brew Ha Ha delivers coffee to dozens of teachers every morning. Every B-day AP Biology looks forward to one boy in particular, Angelo Shaw. Biology teacher Jeremy Schratweiser brings him into the classroom so he and his students can have some friendly conversation.
“Hearing the coffee cart rolling down the hallway and knowing that I get to see Angelo’s smiling face is what makes my morning great,” said junior Bailey Nelson.
On Monday, Dec. 4, Schratwieser asked Angelo what he would like for Christmas. His response was “a Cars 3 DVD.”
With this in mind, the AP Biology class came up with the idea to chip in $1 each and get him the DVD as a surprise.
Bailey decided to buy the gift with the $25 that the class raised.
On Friday, the class wrapped up the DVD and gave Angelo his present when he came to greet the class in the morning.
“As Angelo opened the gift, somehow his usual bright smile became even brighter,” said Bailey.
Angelo thanked the class for their generous act and continued his coffee cart run.
“I can’t wait to show my parents,” said Angelo.