Happy Death Day may have a sequel to explain the time loop


Image retrieved from nowtoronto.com.

Photo depicts Tree Gilbman with a hammer and the killer sneaking up from behind.

Makenna Miller , Entertainment Editor

The popular teen horror Happy Death Day, released on October 13, intrigued and baffled viewers from across the nation with its suspenseful plot.

Happy Death Day was a high-minded movie that contained most qualities of horror, mystery, comedy, and romance, but I was disappointed in a missing factor of explanation.

Directed by Christopher Landon and produced by Jason Blum, the movie made 26 million dollars from box office hits and was rated at 68% rotten tomatoes.

Tree Gilbman, a regular college sorority member, is murdered the night of her birthday, only to wake up and relive the same day over and over, until she finds out who the killer is.

As the movie continued, my mind raced over all the possibilities as to why Tree can come back from the dead, and I was dispirited to see that it wasn’t explained. The movie mainly focused on the murder; although the enigma of it was thrilling, I wasn’t satisfied.

A prominent theory would be when Tree’s roommate Lori gives her a cupcake with a candle on it. Some theories say that the loop has to do with the candle because Tree’s deceased mother and she have the same birthday and would blow out one candle together. People believe that her mother is protecting her which could possibly cause the time loop; however, Landon didn’t include the reasoning on purpose.

“I have the sequel ready,” said Landon, according to Thrillist Entertainment writer Sean Fitz-Gerald, “It gets into the [time loop’s] why, in a very, very, very, very specific way.”