True meaning of Christmas shadowed by gifts

“Keep the Christ in Christmas”

Harley Middleton, Commentary Editor

In the last decade, the true meaning of Christmas has been overshadowed by gift giving. The true meaning of Christmas can be defined by the birth of Jesus, being surrounded by friends and family, giving to the less fortunate, and spreading Christmas cheer.
According to Investopedia, a financial content website, in 2015, the average American spent $882 on holiday gifts. Gift giving puts stress on many and takes away from the joyful feeling that is supposed to come with Christmas.

“Having to buy gifts for people is really stressful, and I feel obligated to buy things,” said junior Logan Zell. “My family and I always spend the holidays together.”

Christians say, “Keep the ‘Christ’ in Christmas,” because many people forget this core value of the holiday.

“Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, and I am thankful that he died for my sins,” said computer programming teacher, Jack Wheeler. “I spend Christmas showing love and thanks to those around me by spending time at home with family. Not just through gifts, but making sure I spend quality time with them.”

In my family we always have a big Christmas Eve dinner at my grandma’s house or my aunt’s. On Christmas Day we all open gifts in the morning and spend the rest of the day together with our closest friends and family. Christmas is a day to be spent with family or dear friends.

Americans have commercialized Christmas and worry too much about what to get for others, spending money, and what they desire. Christmas should be more about the birth of Jesus, giving to charity and the less fortunate, and being happy.

To ensure that one fulfills the values of Christmas, try participating in a food drive or a local Toys 4 Tots drive to help the less fortunate. Spending time with family and friends helps keep the perspective of the holiday’s true meaning. Every year my family picks a less fortunate child from the Angel Tree at Target, and we get gifts for them. This year I plan to participate in the blood drive hosted by the National Honor Society to help save a life.