Swim and dive team prepares for future meets

The addition of younger swimmers promotes a hopeful season


Abbey Hicks

Justin Orchard-Heyes competes at the Cox vs. Ocean Lakes meet on Dec. 8.

The swim and dive season officially started early November, and this year’s team hopes to win the state competition despite its predominantly young roster.

“I’m always looking for each swimmer to go faster than they’ve gone before. That’s always my focus, individual progress,” said coach Andy Bedinger.

The team’s focus has stayed relatively the same last year, even after the loss of their senior swimmers. To fill their places, several ninth grade swimmers have joined the team such as Justin Orhchard-Heyes, Kyler Ferracci, and Ryan Ross.

“Some of the younger guys that have joined the team are going to cause us to have a really strong team,” said Bedinger.

Some ninth grade swimmers even swim outside of the Ocean Lakes team.

“We have a lot of good club swimmers, and I also think that all the ninth grade boys are willing to win,” said freshman Justin Orchard-Heyes with regards to his fellow ninth grade, male swimmers.

The team members are also optimistic about this year’s season, and their first meet taking place on Dec. 8. To prepare, the team has daily practices that consist of sets of hundreds of alternating strokes, IM practice, and sprints.

“This year’s team is more family-based, and everyone is more interconnected,” said sophomore James Herbert.