Innovative learning grant approved for SECCES locker removal


Chloe Bishop

Clear locker space shows future spot of white board workspace on social studies hallway.

Chloe Bishop, Features Editor

In the fall, a section of lockers was removed on the history hallway and in exchange, students will get dry erase boards along with other materials in order to create a new, contemporary workspace.

“We want to provide more work spaces for students. Sometimes it is nice to be able to get out of the classroom and spread out,” said Principal Dr. Claire LeBlanc. “Eventually, they might provide spaces for kids to spend time during One Lunch.”  Administration plans to roll out trial runs of One Lunch January.

The grant for the workspace project was approved, so $1,996.61 will go towards SECCES (otherwise known as Student Engagement Constructing Collaborative Educational Spaces).

“The project takes the dead space of hallways and walls and transforms them into valuable work spaces where students from every school organization can brainstorm ideas, solve problems, and promote and plan events,” said marketing and financial management teacher Jim Cartwright. Cartwright wrote the grants for the materials.

The grant will give the school materials such as drills, screws, paint, a 48” x 72” whiteboard, and markers to create the collaborative workspace. 

“Hopefully, we will create more of these spaces throughout the building,” said LeBlanc.

Students in construction technology and digital design classes will plan, deconstruct, construct, and create the area.

“The end product space will mimic local entrepreneurial support centers,” said Cartwright.