Kpop group gains American publicity

BTS creates musical impact on American society


Gabby Serrano

Vera Mullinax, Nina Gomez, and Amor Adriano hold up pictures of their favorite members in BTS.

Gabby Serrano, Staff Writer

Korean boy band BTS(방탄소년단 Bulletproof Boy Scouts) has the nation in shock after revealing a whole new side of music. After winning the award for “Best Social Artist” at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA), the American attention this group has received has been abounding, especially after being the first Kpop group to win such an award.

According to BTS’s official Twitter page, they have now returned for the 2017 American Music Awards (AMA) as well as various radio broadcasts, talk shows, interviews, and performances.

Since the BBMA’s, BTS has opened the eyes of many Americans who have yet to hear their work. In their music, they have targeted real world problems such as societal issues, internal struggle, and life lessons. They have displayed this in their recent comeback “Love Yourself.”  This sets them apart from other artists and draws people to see what aspects their music holds.

BTS has also recently collaborated with well known American musicians. One being EDM production artists, The Chainsmokers whom they’ve created a song with titled “Best of Me”. The others are DJ Steve Aoki alongside Desiigner who has worked with them on creating a remix of one of their new album songs, “MIC Drop”. BTS takes on a contrastive angle in their music not only in meaning, but also in style and genres. Their range varies from ballads, hardcore, pop, or often times a mix of everything which is why their music is a massive part of what got them to gain so much attention from artists and fans worldwide.

“I think it’s the diversity of their sound. They’re constantly developing a new sound, yet they still remain catchy and relevant to the pop industry,” said sophomore Mae Mendoza.

BTS is constantly being promoted in America with all the TV programs and interviews they have done.  On Nov. 19 this group made history by becoming the first Kpop group to perform at the AMA’s as stated by the Billboard official website. They have also been on popular shows such as “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, and they appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show, which aired on Nov. 27. According to official fan sites and various interviews, promotions are being spread by L.A. entertainment companies as well as the BTS fanbase, ARMY. These groups work hard and create more publicity to bring BTS to the surface of the music world.

“America is noticing real talent. If they want to give the boys publicity, by all means they should,” said sophomore Amor Adriano.

This group has become increasingly popular among the student body. Even though only 2 out of 27 students listen to BTS, this Korean band has hit popularity among some teens. They show their interest in BTS wearing or bearing their merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, and keychains. Some have even attempted learning choreographies performed by the group. The amount of BTS fans increased tremendously within the last few months. It appears that the publicity from BTS’s recent events has created an impact that broadened the musical spectrums of students here.

“They are growing very rapidly through all genders, races, and age groups,” said junior Destin Peebles.