Orchestra shows dedication to school by practicing for upcoming assessment


Depicts the orchestra in room 111 practicing for assessment. Picture taken by Makenna Miller.

Makenna Miller , Entertainment Editor, Staff Writer

Every March the musical groups have a district assessment to judge their performance ability in front of judges, and orchestra has been hard at work to prepare.

“Assessment is when you’re given a certain number of pieces and you prepare them for a while and then you go in front of a panel of three judges, it’s like a live performance and then they give you an evaluation,” said first chair violinst, George Limberis.

In preparation of achieving a perfect score of “superior,” all the musicians stay after school until 8 p.m. for a big “rehearsathon.”

“I am very excited for this rehearsal,” said violinist Devin Huang, “because I believe that this rehearsal can truly improve the orchestral sound and allow us to gain further skills and knowledge within understanding of the pieces that we will be performing at assessment.”

With a month and a half to go, many dedicated after school practices still await all these musicians.

“It allows the orchestra to bond and perform better together, as a group,” said George.