Entrepreneurship students pioneer sticker company


Harley Middleton

Stickers will be sold for $1, and can be bought in room 147 or on their website listed in the bottom left corner. Poster made by Sam Simmons.

Seniors Sam Simmons, Carly Lucas, Tristin Achison, Eric Williams, Camerin Lockey, Michael Johnson, and Kaitlyn Dagan decided to start a sticker company called Local Locations as part of a group project in their Advanced Entrepreneurship class.

Tasked with creating a student-run business and selling products, the project was designed to teach students how to professionally handle all situations that come with being an entrepreneur in the real world.

These stickers are themed to match the ocean lifestyle of Virginia Beach and sold for $1 each. The team chose to sell stickers because they wanted to sell something that would interest all ages and would not limited to Ocean Lakes students solely.

So far, Local Locations has sold over 200 stickers in total. They sold out on the first day of business, but stickers will continue to be sold through the end of March.

At the end of their project, the company will pick a club organization to sponsor and donate money earned.