Youtube videos influence today’s teens, provides source for mimic


“Clickbait” is meant to attract young audiences, but the content is different from the title.

Content creators on Youtube as well as the videos they share have brought negative connotation to the website’s reputation. Youtube is a social media platform that allows users to upload content to share with viewers around the world, but some believe they have abused their platform.

According to Defy Media, 96% of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 24 use Youtube on a regular basis for an average of 11 hours a week to view videos of their choosing, whether it be gaming, music, or how-to videos.

Sophomore Kaitlyn McMahon believes Youtube was more restricted in the past, but now content creators can post anything they want.

Youtuber-viewer relationships become so intimate that they begin to copy inappropriate jokes, behaviors, and hand gestures.  For example, the Tide Pods, eraser, and cinnamon challenge are all mimics of Youtube.

Teens should be spending their time playing a sport or enjoying what the outdoors has to offer. Staying cooped up inside watching videos doesn’t do the body good, and it definitely doesn’t get you farther in life.

According to Stony Brook University, beliefs and behaviors are more contagious among those with shared social connections. With that being said, people are more likely to copy the behavior of those they admire.

Community guidelines restrict what Youtubers can post, but most of the time the videos do not follow the content regulations. For example, the infamous Youtuber Logan Paul uploaded a video where he found a dead body found in the Aokigahara Forest that amassed over six million views.

Although he claimed the video was to raise awareness for suicide, he disrespected the victim as well as the family by laughing and filming the body up close.

“Teens and children feed off of what they watch on social media. Especially, if they idolize the youtuber,” said sophomore Brendan Fritz.