SCA introduces new dance to student body


Alexis Ridgeway and Tyler Wolfe pose In the cafeteria in front of Snow n’ Glow dance decorations

Abigail Hicks, Staff Writer

SCA’s Snow n’ Glow Dance debuted in the cafeteria as an informal dance.

For quite some time, the SCA has wanted to add a winter dance in between Homecoming and Ring Dance.

“We wanted to have a fun, stress-free dance that everyone can join,” said senior SCA member Rei Silva.

Most who went enjoyed it.

“I would say it was a cool time to hang out with friends, I totally rocked the dance floor,” said freshman Logan Flanagan.

Despite SCA member wishes for a larger participation, only 72 tickets were sold. But, according to SCA executive board member Liv Scharfe the dance will make an appearance in next years event schedule.