Founder’s Week speaker brings words of wisdom, humor to student body


Reese Fields

Shaun Derik talks to Ocean Lakes student body on concluding day of Founder’s Week .assembly.

At the annual Founder’s Week assembly, the guest speaker brought a message to the student body and staff — with humor and musical talent.

Shaun Derik is a public motivational speaker for teenagers, and he can sing and play the piano. He used humor from his own life experiences to captivate the audience, and students related to his message because of this humor. He also initiated a dance competition with four volunteers who battled it out but claimed no official winner.

He encouraged students to be “different, to stand out, and to claim their talents. During his presentation, he showcased his music skills by singing “All of Me,” written by John Legend.

“Now THAT was an assembly, ” said freshman Isaiah Wright. “It was not like the assembly last time, and it was not like the assembly before that.”