Humans of OL: Thomas Shields


Depicts Tommy Shields playing the bass at Music and Arts store.

“Music has had a huge relevance in my life since the fifth grade, the elementary strings program is what started it all. I chose to do that program because I hadn’t listened to much music throughout my life at that point and beloved that creating music would make up that, and the instrument I chose was the viola because I loved the beautiful and rich sound it made and the lack of having to carry around a cello. Even though I played classical music I still mostly listened to rock and metal music, so the summer before my freshman year of high school  I chose to seek an instrument that would allow me to play music I enjoy listening to. After considering the guitar and the drums I decided to go a route that seems less traveled just like with my choice of the viola, and picked the bass guitar. In the near future I will be playing with a group and I hope that I will continue to be able to play music throughout my life, even if it’s just a side gig,” said Tommy Shields.