Students react to first One Lunch trial

Chloe Bishop, Staff Writer

Reactions towards Ocean Lakes’ first One Lunch ranged from “awful” to “the greatest thing that came to beach schools.”

On day one of One Lunch, students raced down the hallway to be the first in line in the cafeteria, and some even struggled to find seats and ended up traveling the hallways.

“On the first day, I basically walked around the whole school going to different classrooms. I really didn’t know where to go,” said junior Marie Wickard.

On the second day, students seemed to figure out where to eat and what to do.

“I was able to make up missed work, go to my MSAC meeting, get help on my project, and have fun in the gym,” said sophomore Peirce Corson. “I played volleyball and lifted weights.”

Students will have plenty of time to adjust if One Lunch becomes permanent next year.

“After people get used to it and find their place, then I feel like more people will enjoy it,” said junior Grace Spade.