‘Scythe’ takes on a new perspective of the future

Science fiction book, Scythe, written by Neal Shusterman, presents a new perspective of the corrupted humane society, versus the pure AI.


Infographic by Makenna Miller with information from thoughtsandafterthougths.com.

Imagine a world free of disease and death, no coldness, hunger, or thirst, even crime’s nonexistent created by “The Cloud” or the intelligent AI. However, in order to control the population “The Cloud” created people called Scythes who “glean” or kill people to balance out the world.

The book switches between different points of view, however, the plot centers around two high school teenagers, Rowan and Citra, as they are thrust into a fate in which they cannot escape.

“Scythe” remains as one of my favorite books, however, character development should build up more in the book. Tell me more about Rowan’s past and show me how close Citra and her little brother remain. Ignoring that minor detail, if someone’s looking for an interesting book that keeps them at the edge of their seat, winning the Michael L. Printz award, Scythe is definitely worthy of the task.

If “Scythe” became a movie, I would hope that Shusterman would direct it so that others who have not read this book can capture the true story rather than a washed-up version put into live action.

“Scythe” also has a sequel called “Thunderhead.” I guarantee that reading the first chapter will get anyone hooked on the series.