OLHS students bring back leadership and greatness


Natalie Kasmerek

Delegates wait to be put in their council at Triple R Ranch.

Chloe Bishop, Staff Writer

After a weekend of chants, seminars, and team building skits, Ocean Lakes students return with ideas of “bringing it back.” This recurring motif of taking leadership back to school was seen throughout the entire weekend as a top priority.

Upon arrival at Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake, delegates were assigned councils. Since the theme of the 2018 workshop was “Grow into Greatness,” the councils got their names from international explorers, such as Yousafzai, Gilbreth, Escalante, Malavia, Domeyko, and Ambani. Councils ate together, produced skits together, and spent the weekend attending seminars that trained delegates for leadership.

Saturday included more skits and instructionals with the councils, along with Heritage Night, a workshop favorite. This is where Ocean Lakes alumni return to talk about their personal experiences at Leadership Workshop.

The following day, everyone attended electives and got ready to come back to OL. Once arrived, workshop advisor Darcy Pohl handed out pieces of paper to everyone. The plan is to write down a promise for the week on paper and then LSW staff will create a tree with all of the pieces. The tree will soon be seen in school.

“I learned that everyone has certain roles that they can fulfill,” said junior Fasi Sika. “Whether it’s through moral support or being able to input ideas, everyone has some way they can contribute.”