Marching Band travels to Florida


Courtesy of Romeo Manoza

Band members junior Lars Wirstrom, junior Ryan Boylan, and seniors Chris Eaton, Romeo Manoza, Hunter Cigich, Brianna Calkins, and Will Sceib pose with Univeral Studios performers.

This week, several band students left to perform in Florida.

Wednesday morning band members left to perform in a parade at Universal Studios.

“We performed All Star by Smash Mouth,” said senior Romeo Manoza.

Band members not only performed in the parade, but bonded by spending time together exploring the park and even getting matching “Space Jam” t-shirts.

“My favorite part is getting a break from school and having fun with my friends,” said Romeo.

Courtesy of Romeo Manoza
Band members pose with their matching “Space Jam” shirts at Universal Studios on Thursday. Left to right: Junior Corey Coerse, junior Ryan Boylan, senior Hunter Ciegich, senior Romeo Manoza, junior Alexander Stebritz, and senior Will Scheib.